Yoga for Your Back / Therapeutics

Yoga for Your Back – a focused practice designed to strengthen and develop flexibility of the spine.

In this class you will learn reliable and practical methods to release tension and pain from your back, neck and shoulders. Carefully selected yoga postures and breathing techniques will help you release deep-seated tension from muscles and joints. You will learn proper alignment techniques and what you can do yourself to best support and keep your back open. You’ll discover a new sense of flexibility and strength, feel more energized and at the same time experience a quieting of mind and a deep sense of relaxation.

Therapeutics – “It all starts at the tailbone”

Explore and discover how the foundational poses of Svaroopa yoga allow you to experience profound physical changes throughout your whole body. During these classes you will experience a series of therapeutic yoga postures that are well supported by the use of lots of blankets,  thus creating a platform for your body and mind to melt into.  As you learn to rest and relax completely into these postures, deep-seated tensions will be released along your entire spine starting at the tailbone and all throughout your body.    You’ll then experience how these physical releases work their way deeply into your mind and nervous system providing a sense of lightness and openness all throughout, plus allowing you to access your body’s own innate ability to heal.   

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