meditation and the process of self-inquiry are the most basic of natural remedies, the way to find wholeness and healing on all levels:

Through Therapeutic Yoga – clearing away chronic tensions from muscles and joints while opening the body and mind to deep relaxation and healing.

Through Meditation – finding ways to quiet the mind and to access the peace that is your true nature.

Through ‘Living from your True Self’ – a process of self-inquiry working with unresolved life experiences that are stored deeply in the body/mind complex, creating physical, mental and emotional release and allowing you to make new choices in life.

Fall/Winter 2015 Highlights:

–Celebrating the Season in Silence, A Day Retreat into the Stillness of Yoga, Dec 13,2015 (see calendar)


Also, check out Savita’s interview by Sarah Vogel on Kx 93.5 One Laguna on April 6, see link on right under “About Savita Geuther”