In many ways, yoga, meditation and the process of self-inquiry are the most basic of natural remedies, the way to find wholeness and healing on all levels:

Through Therapeutic Yoga – clearing away chronic tensions from muscles and joints while opening the body and mind to deep relaxation and healing.

Through Meditation – finding ways to quiet the mind and to access the peace that is your true nature.

Through ‘Living from your True Self’ – a process of self-inquiry working with unresolved life experiences that are stored deeply in the body/mind complex, creating physical, mental and emotional release and allowing you to make new choices in life.

Fall/Winter 2014 Highlights:

–Patanjali Yoga Sutras Study Group, Sep 15, Oct 6, Nov 3, Dec 8, 6pm-8pm (see calendar)

–Celebrating the Season and Silence, A Day Retreat into the Stillness of Yoga, Dec 14 (see calendar)

Looking ahead into 2015

–Spring Meditation Retreat at Lake Gregory in Crestline, CA Apr 17-19, 2015

–Yoga Pilgrimage to India and Bhutan Oct 17-Oct 31, Oct 31-Nov 5, 2015 (see post)

Also, check out Savita’s interview by Sarah Vogel on Kx 93.5 One Laguna on April 6, see link on right under “About Savita Geuther”